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The Pittsburgh Franklins vintage base ball club is a diverse group of; competitive athletes, history buffs, baseball enthusiasts, youth sports leaders, and community members who belong to the large family that we refer to as vintage base ball.

Our goal is to be involved in the community, lead youth events, preserve baseball's history, and of course play good base ball in the meantime.

Below are some events that we've been a part of since the start of our organization just 3 years ago.

Carnegie Free Library

East End Ministries, "A flavor of the East End" (2010)

Murrysville Community Days (2009, 2010, 2011)

SABR (Society for American Baseball Research) (2010)

The Pittsburgh Franklins accept donations to help pay for expenses throughout the year while we support our communities, preserve our history, and enlighten sports enthusiasts around us. To see how you can help, please contact our organization at:

Jason T. Ramaley 724.733.7437

The Pittsburgh Franklins are a non-profit organization, and can provide a tax Id # for tax dedication purposes. Thank you for your support.

Jason T. Ramaley
President, Pittsburgh Franklins