In the summer of 2008, after a softball game, and over a beer at a local pub, we were discussing NPR’s story about the foundation of base ball and how it is being recreated and reenacted today. It all took off from there… This was gasoline on the fire of Bird Dog’s passion for the game. He started researching, he found a local team, they agreed to a scrimmage, and we gave it a try. All the players agreed, it was very fun, very authentic very real, and very competitive.
Since those scrimmages, much of the fun of putting this team together has been learning about a sport we’ve all played, watched, and loved our whole lives.
The Pittsburgh Franklins were named after the town of Franklin which stood on our playing grounds in the 1860’s. One Hundred and Fifty Years ago the area of “Franklin” consisted of communities such as Murrysville, Plum Boro, Export, and Delmont. These current cities sit as little as 15 miles east of Pittsburgh.
The team developed late that summer when the three founders found it impossible to ignore their passion for the great game of base ball any longer. This story by NPR, about vintage base ball, planted a seed of interest and excitement, that didn’t take long to blossom into the great team named the Pittsburgh Franklins.
As vintage base ball players we strive to embrace the history of the game and the era in which it was played. We teach the baseball enthusiasts, the historical buffs, and the youth about how and where the game of base ball came from. And most of all, we look to have fun, play base ball with good hearted people, and teach students of all ages that the game of base ball was meant to be a gentlemen’s game enjoyed with your teammates and competitors alike.